My name is Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®

How do I do my tree, plant, and ecosystem healing work?

I get inside the tree’s world when I use my intuitive perception, sensory sensitivity, and consciousness. I receive knowings about how their inner functionality is compromised.

I identify the internal functionality that is not operating correctly in weak, damaged, burned, or sick trees, plants, and ecosystems. Then I restore the connection and flow of that internal functionality.  I use intuitive skills and the unique energy-medicine and consciousness methods I’ve created. 
I use out-of-the-box thinking and methods for healing trees and restoring ecological health to our planet.

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Development of my successful tree, plant, ecosystem healing methodologies.

Since 2002, I have been developing innovative methods that HEAL trees, plants, and other ecosystem members.

What did I do before that? I got my PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University so I am a scientist. I had a highly successful 25+ year career in Fortune Top 50 agricultural chemical corporations.

As I worked to develop and market agricultural herbicides and other chemicals, I felt that there had to be a better way to help trees, plants, crops, and all of Nature to be healthy. Then, I had a flash of insight that changed my life.

What do I mean by "I heal trees"?

I mean that I interface with the bioenergy and life force of trees, plants, and ecosystem members to restore functionality through the use of my proprietary holistic energy-medicine approaches and through consciousness.

Products of any kind are NEVER used. There is no cutting. No chemicals. No invasive techniques. Only methods that HEAL internal functionality.

I use and TEACH these methods for a range of purposes: healing individual stressed trees all the way to healing large tracts of land and healing large scale ecological damage, especially related to climate extremes.

I write, teach, offer my services to private clients as well as do philanthropic works in public parks.

You'll find lots of information in my blog about research studies, client results, and more.

All Nature Beings benefit from my work--including human Nature Beings.

I'm both a practical and spiritual person.

Early Career

Dr. Jim Conroy's Early Career

I got my PhD from Purdue University in Indiana in Plant Pathology. I worked for Fortune Top 50 agricultural chemical companies in technical service and upper level marketing management positions. My forte was merging the science with the marketing. My products were highly successful in their markets. I launched many products from inception to market success. But I felt that there had to be a better way.
2002 - 2006

Development of early tree healing methods: Tree Whispering® and Green Centrics®

I had a profound flash of insight that lead me to start our business, Plant Health Alternatives, LLC. Basia Alexander is my co-founder and partner. Early development, research into and teaching of these bioenergy-medicine systems--Tree Whispering and Green Centrics -- is chronicled in the blog.
2007 - 2010

Inquiry into ecosystem interactions and use of Cooperative BioBalance®. Research Studies started.

A tree's health is often inter-related with its ecosystem's health. I inquired into how various organisms can co-exist by doing some early research. We taught workshops. I saw clients. And we developed the Cooperative BioBalance method. Research results are shown in the blog.
2011 - 2014

Teaching. Books. Research Studies. Development of EcoPeace Treaties®

Our research and teaching lead to writing. A couple of books came out in this timeframe. And I was seeing more and more clients.
The inquiry into co-existence among organism became a formal method called "EcoPeace Treaties" after successes with trees, insects, disease organisms and mammals. Research studies are chronicled in the blog.
2015 - 2016

Gears Shifted. Research and teaching continues.

As I recovered from an illness, I was directed by my spirit guides to create a dimensional approach to healing: Dimensional Lightwork began. Research, teaching, and visiting clients continued. Green Centrics gets an update.
Late 2016 -  now

Travel and Developing Dimensional Lightwork. Healing Ecological Damage.

I needed to try my higher level thinking and approach to healing ecological damage in larger ecosystems, on bigger tracts of land. We traveled extensively. I continued to see clients and we continued to teach.
This is the most exciting phase yet!
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My Story and Innovative Thinking
Co-Founder of BioBalia Institute
My Professional Background in Science and Business
Thinking Outside the Box
How did I Become The Tree Whisperer®?
Master BioBalancer® of Ecosystems
Innovative Thinking: Ask Nature.
Let Me Explain My New Approaches
The Shortcomings of Conventional Approaches
Go Into the Trees' World and Ask the Trees
About my New Methodologies
The Books I've Co-Authored
Vita: Past Achievements

HEALER. Innovator. Independent thinker. Teacher. Speaker.
Synthesizer. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist.

My Story and Innovative Thinking...

Partnership with Nature is my main theme; and I am an impassioned speaker about collaboration with all living beings including invasive organisms. And I have a vision that my work will contribute to the co-creation of a livable planet for all.

I received my PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University in Indiana.  After more than 25 years as a successful plant and tree health Senior Executive in Fortune 50 agricultural chemical companies, I did a 180º turn-around. I had a flash of insight that changed my life.  

Now, I'm The Tree Whisperer® and a Master BioBalancer® who saves trees in decline and balances the health of ecosystems on large tracts of land using my innovative hands-on bioenergy-based methods.  

They call me "Dr. Jim."  I initially developed the Tree Whispering® and Green Centrics® systems.  They are holistic bio-energy healing, hands-on, no-product, green solutions to rejuvenate tree and plant health.

Energy-medicine and breakthroughs in the use of consciousness lead to my Cooperative BioBalance® system.  That system was developed because of my profound connection with not only members of the Plant Kingdom but also all living Beings. I conduct research studies to determine whether so-called "invasive" organisms can co-exist with their hosts in their ecosystems.

I am always expanding my own intuitive skills and innovative work. I am the innovator of a unique Light-based healing approach for ecosystems: Dimensional Lightwork™. Processes using my multidimensional model are on the cutting edge of merging new sciences with non-linear approaches.

My long history of research studies and my recent breakthroughs are detailed at my blog...

I work on people's properties, at businesses, and on large tracts of land to heal stressed trees, ecosystems using bioenergy-based methods to mend their internal parts and functions as well as to re-establish their connectivity and flow.  I use absolutely NO PRODUCTS or invasive techniques what-so-ever.

I have donated countless hours since 2014 to the rejuvenation of large tracts of public lands in parks all over the USA. 

Co-Founder, BioBalia Institute

Much of people's work with Nature today is just "shuffling the chairs"-- rearranging existing ideas. BioBalia is a new, innovative idea whose time has come.

BioBalia is an idea that asks for a new, higher paradigm of thought in humanity. BioBalia is the consciousness of a new whole, greater than the sum of its parts, whereby all of the Beings of Nature, conscious forms (such as oceans, waterways, mountains, the land itself), the elemental forces, and people are connected and interconnected as one in a functional relationship that supports all the goals of all beings (not just people) and fulfills the purposes of all in the universe.

BioBalia Institute is committed to empowering the emergence of the condition of BioBalia in ecosystems.

BioBalia Institute has a vision and 2 missions. To find out more, please go to

My Professional Background in Science and Business

I followed a childhood love of plants all the way through a B.S. in Horticulture from Delaware Valley University in Pennsylvania to my Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Purdue University in Indiana. 

During 25+ years in Fortune Top 50 corporations, I promoted tree and plant health in both research and marketing. During my years with an agricultural chemical company, I would walk through fields of crops or forests and I knew that those of us in science and marketing were missing something. 

We knew that when plants and trees were stressed their normal, inner flow of functions and processes were compromised. But, with our existing tools and products, we couldn't do anything to repair the inner processes of plants.  We could only apply external products on the symptoms-kill the pests or throw fertilizer around.

We could not HEAL these plants that were so important to growers, gardeners, consumers, and homeowners alike. All of us could do was watch and hope that the trees and plants would 'grow through' their weaknesses.  

If trees and plants were going to be HEALED rather than just applying treatments to them, I had to think “Outside of the Box.”  

Thinking Outside of the Box

In 2002, I attended an introductory talk by the founder of an holistic, alternative health system for humans: the BodyTalk System.  I knew that I had found my out-of-the-box solution to healing rather than just applying products to trees and plants. I knew that tree and plants are alive--living beings just different from us humans and other mammals.  Could the same ideas and techniques that are proven to work in human healing work with trees and plants?

I studied the human healing system and found that it was an excellent protocol for achieving results...but that it could not be applied directly to trees and plants.  Humans and plants may both be alive but are so different.  And, I realized--really, finally admitted--that I have strong intuitive and perceptive skills. With a combination of perceptive skills, my strong scientific background, and my willingness to be open-minded, I started to develop my own holistic systems for healing trees and plants:  Tree Whispering®, Green Centrics®, and CooperativeBioBalance® by 2007, and Dimensional Lightwork by 2014.  

I combined modern plant science with advances in the “new sciences” (such as Quantum Physics, Living Systems Theories, and other relevant sciences) and with the philosophy and practices from systems of ancient wisdom to yield a totally new, cutting edge approach to plant health that helps stressed trees and plants grow healthy and vigorous.

How did I Become The Tree Whisperer®?

I started working with customers in about 2005. They started calling me their tree whisperer.  So I became THE TREE WHISPERER® officially with a registered trademarked name at that time.

I provide proprietary hands-on, no-product, earth-friendly, holistic bioenergy and consciousness healing approach to reverse stress in trees, plants, crops, and ecosystems. I provide on-site services to homeowners for trees that are sick or that others have given up on.

The trees “hire” me as much as my human customers do.  So, I feel called to give my bioenergy healing and Dimensional Lightwork to trees and ecosystems in public parks in the USA and internationally as part of my philanthropic efforts.  

My systems operate much like hands-on healing systems for people.  Systems such as Reiki and Touch for Health are now being used in hospitals to complement conventional treatment for seriously ill patients.  

For trees and plant, the hands-on healing re-establishes dynamic balance among the thousands of interacting and inter-dependent functions inside trees and other plants. I work from the “inside-out.” Then, conventional approaches can keep the tree or plants healthy, from the "outside-in."

Master BioBalancer® of Ecosystems

Never one to be satisfied with my developments, I went beyond just working with trees with my Tree Whispering and Green Centrics systems. Trees don't live in a vacuum. They live in ecosystems. By 2005, I was beginning to work with other organisms, too.

I did my Ph.D. thesis in Plant Pathology at Purdue University on an organism that's a relative of the Phytophthora organism. So, it was easy for me to take an interest in the bleeding cankers that so many of my client's Beech trees had growing on them.  

I have come to believe that killing is obsolete. It's not necessary to use excess chemicals or other harsh measures on trees or plants. Trees and plants--as living Nature Beings--not only have innate intelligence but also have amazing capacities to heal themselves when given the right information in consciousness, NOT given harsh products.

Because of my belief in the Live and Let Live philosophy and with suggestions and urgings from my partner Basia Alexander, I began asking the Beech trees and the organisms how they could co-exist... how they could live together. Before long, I was developing the Cooperative BioBalance® system and the EcoPeace Treaties® method.  Both systems address whole ecosystems; each at varying sizes and different holon levels. I am now a Master BioBalancer.

Innovative Thinking: Ask Nature. Move towards Communication, Collaboration, Co-Creation.

Is there a solution to the earth’s environmental problems?  No.  Not ONE solution.  There are certainly many good solutions such as reducing emissions, reducing one's carbon footprint, recycling, etc.   

But are those going to turn it all around?  Will those save the day?  No. Not by themselves. 

People have come up with thousands of both good and dubious ideas to reverse ecological disaster based on their existing framework of thought.

Let me highlight that: based on their existing framework of thought. (Often called a "paradigm".)

The structure that people think inside of is usually almost invisible to them so they don't realize that they are thinking 'inside of a box.'  To paraphrase Albert Einstein's wisdom: We can't solve our current problems with the same kind of thinking we used to create those problems.

What is the upgrade in thinking available now? Basically, people need to move away from the old "domination, control, and superiority" kind of thinking that got us into all this ecological trouble and MOVE TOWARDS the new thinking: co-creativity, partnership, and equality with Nature.

Collaborating with the profound intelligence in Nature is the only way for humanity to co-create healthy and sustainable ecosystems for assurance of a livable future on Earth. In other words, both local and global ecosystems have a chance to recover when people shift their thinking to ASKING Nature, "What is the healthy and sustainable thing to do?"  (instead of arrogantly assuming that they know what's best) and then TAKING ACTION based on Nature's advice.

Certainly we must do the sensible things such as reducing emissions, but the scientific solutions alone are not enough to really turn this crisis around.

What's needed is a shift in thinking and behavior. The upgraded thinking is a network of interlinking ideas:

The upgraded thinking is a network of interlinking ideas. There is new thinking, an upgraded level of thinking where solutions and even unexpected occurrences may exist: PARTNERSHIP WITH NATURE.

In other words, people can set aside arrogant assumptions that they are always right in order to collaborate as equals with the consciousness of Nature. People can learn to ASK Nature for Her wisdom--Her solutions--and then follow Her advice.

Learn how by going to the other website that I co-founded:  

If YOU want to be "on the path" to communicate with Nature, to empower Nature to solve ecological problems, and to evolve consciously, there are plenty of resources at!

Let Me Explain My New Approaches

I have my Phd in Plant Pathology, so I am a scientist and I know how scientists operate.  But since I had a life-changing flash of insight in 2002, I am also a Master BioBalancer.  You can go to our sister website, to find the whole story in my first book, Tree Whispering--A Nature Lover's Guide.

I climb into the tree's world when I use my intuitive perception, sensory sensitivity, and my emotional feelings with trees. I receive knowings about how their inner functionality is compromised. By 'inner functionality' I mean systems such as photosynthesis, circulation, respiration, uptake, and growth--to name only a few. I also mean the synergy of those systems in relation to food breakdown and distribution as well as the state of balance or imbalance within circulating fluids.

I also come to know how they--as sentient and dimensional Beings living as part of an intelligent ecosystem--are connected within their communities. Since 2002, I have experience with interacting inside trees' bioenergy patterns, I have come to understand that trees are at least as dependent upon their connections with other trees for their state of health as they are on their own internal functionality.

The Shortcomings of Conventional Approaches

I know that my approach is not inside the conventional understandings and approaches. But conventional understandings are embedded in the invisible assumptions that are made in culture about how the world operates.  In the western culture those assumptions are generally that "things" are separate and that people can control things.

The way the separation idea plays out with trees and Nature is that people think that a single trunk is a tree.  In the tree's world, it is not.  In the tree's world, the whole community is the tree.  And community can be of either same species or of a variety of species.

Read more about my approaches, insights, and stories at my blog--click the menu item above called JIM'S BREAKTHROUGHS.

Go Into the Trees' World and Ask The Trees

As an analogy: You think you are an individual and you are.  But you are also part of various communities.  You may be part of a family, a company, a spiritual group, school alumni, a sporting team or may be a fan of some sport or cultural icon. So, in your world, you also ARE the community and the community IS you.

The way the old paradigm "control" idea plays out with trees is that people think scientific research gives them superiority. And thinking that they are somehow superior, it follows for some people that they think they know what's best for trees and other ecosystem members.

I say “Ask the Tree” what is right for it. 

And we teach many people to do just that. See many of their happy, smiling faces at this post: Video of Happy Students in Class Photos Over the Years.

But since science is done inside of the framework of the idea of separation that I just talked about, many scientists don't think that they should use their innate perceptive and intuitive abilities to converse with the sentience of Nature.

To be in the tree's world means to get insight. I encourage people to make the leap--and it takes courage--into touching trees, feeling connection with trees, and asking their sentience or consciousness about how they live their lives. 

About My New Methodologies

In  the methodologies I have developed, I am informed by my extensive  knowledge of tree functionality AND I am informed by my intuitive insight.

More detail on each of those methodologies is available at each of these posts:

  1. Nature Communication: Touch and Connect
  2. Tree Whispering: Peaceful Experiences, Mutual Healing
  3. Climate Whispering: Restore Nature, Empower People
  4. Forest Healing Walks: Help Nature Adapt to Climate Extremes
  5. Holistic Chores: Partnership. Respectful. Successful.
  6. Cooperative BioBalance
  7. Green Centrics: Coming From Nature's Point of View
  8. EcoPeace Treaties: Agreements for CoExistence
  9. Dimensional Lightwork

The Books I've Co-Authored

Here's Basia and me at the Omega Institute bookstore with all 7 of our books. :-)

If you click on a link, you'll go to our store, which is located at

  1. Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide
  2. Tree Whispering: Trust the Path Notebook and Journal
  3. The Tree Whisperer's 10 Tree and Plant Insights
  4. People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy
  5. Messages from Trees Coloring and Activity Book for the Young and Young-at-Heart
  6. Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems
  7. Live and Let Live: Enlightened Stewardship

And there a few more books waiting in the wings for us to just sit down together and pull our notes together.

Vita: Past Achievements

  • Doctorate degree in Plant Pathology from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.
  • 25+ years as an executive in Fortune 50 chemical companies in both the research and marketing sides.
  • Co-Founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance with Ms. Basia Alexander.
  • Developer and Teacher of his proprietary systems: Green Centrics, Tree Whispering, Cooperative BioBalance, Co-Existence Technologies.
  • Faculty member at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NJ since 2005.
  • As co-author with Ms. Basia Alexander, of the popular Tree Whispering series of books, he inspires people to touch, heal, and love their trees.
  • As co-author with Ms. Basia Alexander, of the Live and Let Live series of books, Dr. Conroy expands people’s consciousness about how ecosystems should operate in health and dynamic balance.  
  • Keynote speaker. Has given 200+ talks since 2005.
  • Workshop leader.
  • NOFA certified organic land care professional.
  • Hands-on healer.
  • Rose grower with a particular love for the new English rose varieties.

It's one of my other websites.
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