Methodologies #3: Climate Whispering

I'm turning this explanation over to my partner, Basia Alexander. She better at explaining the finer points.

Thanks, Jim... The challenge of the Climate Crisis needs more than just reducing carbon footprint.

Methodologies #3: Climate Whispering

As you connect with Nature and Whisper and your trees regain health. Now you want to look to the planet.

Practical actions are necessary but will they be enough to restore a livable planet?

Offering Whispers to Nature so that the living beings of your backyard or area can withstand extremes is a healing act.  

Do you envision a world where all living beings--including people--can live and thrive together on a healthy planet.

Like Tree Whispering®, Climate Whispering is a simple and easy approach to offer the Beings of Nature a way to strengthen and balance themselves in the face of weather or environmental extremes.  

Climate Whispers are dynamic requests made to the wisdom of Nature that are based on solid physiological facts.   Some people sometimes call them ‘prayers’ because their wording always begins with a request to the profound Intelligence in Nature that some people think of as sacred.  

STORM-PREP WHISPERS™ is how Climate Whispering got started.

Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer® tells the story.

“Hurricane Sandy would hit on a  Monday.  Luckily, the weather forecasts were quite clear—we knew it was coming the previous Friday.  I went to work with and communicate with three properties full of trees in the coastal Rumson, NJ, area.  As I arrived at one of the properties, the homeowner came out.

She asked, "Can you tell the leaves to fall off the trees?"

I said, "That is EXACTLY what I am planning to do."

About an hour into my work to prepare the trees for the storm, she came out again to repeat her request.  She is a good steward of the land and cares for her trees deeply.

Then, all around her, she noticed that the leaves were falling from the trees and the ground was covered where it hadn't been covered before.

She said, "Look!  The leaves are falling!"

Yes, it was "raining" leaves all around us.  She was really happy.

“The good news was that the trees still had 48 hours to drop leaves before the heavy winds started.”

At the same time on Friday, I was back at the office in Morris Plains, NJ, watching the weather forecasts.  I knew that people everywhere would want to help their trees just like Dr. Jim was doing for his clients in Rumson. 

In an inspired moment, I put together the first version of the Storm Prep Whispers.  After talking with Dr. Jim that afternoon, I refined the Whispers and sent them out on email and social media.  

They went viral.  People everywhere wanted to feel as if there was something they could do to help their trees. 

People had so much success with the Storm Prep Whispers, they started emailing me before the storm. And when power came back after a couple of weeks, more emails came through.  

Their stories were compelling! They had great success saving their trees and even neighbor’s trees…while they saw devastation just blocks away.  
We assembled all of the stories into a book: PEOPLE SAVING THEIR TREES IN HURRICANE SANDY.  

It’s a testament to the success of people using their heart-felt intention and their consciousness to interact successfully with living Beings.  The Whispers empowered the people and saved so many trees. 

There are Climate Whispers available here for *F*R*E*E for the following situations: 

  • Storm Prep Whispers (especially hurricanes)
  • After Storms Whispers
  • Big Freeze Whispers
  • Blizzard Whispers
  • Drought Whispers
  • Emergency Relief for buried trees (too much fill) Whispers
  • Anticipating Wildfire and Wildfire Recovery Whispers

More Whispers are available at our sister website:

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