Methodologies #6: Cooperative BioBalance

I'm turning this explanation over to my partner, Basia Alexander. She better at explaining the details.

Thanks, Jim... This is the step where you made the breakthroughs!

Methodologies #6: Cooperative BioBalance

It's a big step to think about not just trees, but the whole ecosystem.

You have come a long way on the Healing Path. Nature Communication, which means touching and connecting with the Life Force in Nature. You've done Tree and Climate Whispering, and you've taken Forest Healing Walks. Those are all about giving intentional healing messages and receiving healing energy in exchange. The practical actions of Holistic Chores were satisfying and successful.

If you want to go further, we have created leading edge methods for the restoration of healthy relationships among the multitude of ecosystem members.

It's called Cooperative BioBalance.

"Cooperative" in the sense that you are cooperating and partnering with ecosystem members. And also "cooperative' in the sense that the multitude of organisms wants to live in an interconnected whole.

"BIO", yeah, well we're talking about living biological organisms, biology, bioscience, LIFE.

"Balance." This work brings LIFE into balance.

So, Cooperative BioBalance = Healing Ecosystem Interactions.

Various ecosystem members—such as bees, other insects, disease organisms, soil organisms, fungi, mammals, “invasives,” the earthly elements, communities of living Beings, and people—need to communicate bioenergetically, be interconnected, and interact in synchronization for maximum health of the whole ecosystem.

Cooperative BioBalance is a new field of study and new practices which focus on the healthy reconfiguration of ecosystem members and whole ecosystems through use of heart, mind, and consciousness.

Cooperative BioBalance, as a system, provides intangible and pure informational healing patterns for ecosystem members.  The information patterns resemble networks of feedback loops. Those new patterns of consciousness allow ecosystem members to recover their individual health as well as to reunite/interconnect as a functional and healthy whole.

No products are involved in this methodology.  It is based on modern and ancient energy-medicine techniques and new science approaches including the science of living systems, intentional use of consciousness, evolutionary biology, heartmath research, and quantum physics.

A bit of experience with Tree Whispering is needed in order to move on to Cooperative BioBalance.

Some of the early work of Cooperative BioBalance is covered in our books.  

In our first book, Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide, there are already hints of forging collaborations between ecosystem members.  

By the time we were ready to work on our 6th book , Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems, the focus on ecosystem members interactions was already well established.  

Cooperative BioBalance is usually taught as part of class or webinar.  It's not so much a learn-it-yourself method.

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