Methodologies #8 EcoPeace Treaties

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Methodologies #8: EcoPeace Treaties

EcoPeace Treaties = Forging 3-way Agreements in Nature.

What about taking the idea of partnership and collaboration to a logical conclusion: respecting and partnering with living beings that people often consider "troublesome" or "invasive"? 

Each living Being in Nature has a drive to stay alive and attain its goals, design ideals, and innate potentials in its ecosystem. Every Being is there for a reason—even if people label some as “invasives.” But, really there are no “bad guys” in backyard, local, or even regional environments.  Every being serves a purpose, but sometimes they lose their connection to the whole and therefore get out of balance and seem troublesome.  

What is an EcoPeace Treaty?  An Agreement in Nature.  

It's like a contract. The structure of an EcoPeace treaty looks like an upside-down triangle.  At the two top corners of the triangle are the organisms that seem to be at odds with each other.  At the bottom, are the people responsible for the land.  All three participants need to offer something into the agreement so that all can survive and thrive.  

EcoPeace Treaties serve to reconnect and interconnect those living beings in their ecosystem so that health, balance, harmony, and peace are restored. There is no hard bargaining as everyone in the agreement willingly offers to do things that support the others.  In those three-way relationships, each seeks to live in dynamic balance. Usually each type of organism agrees—at the level of species consciousness or innate intelligence—to respect and not hurt the other. Each of the participants finds a way to protect the other so that species survival is assured and harmony prevails in the broader ecosystem.   

The agreement is made at the level of consciousness.  Usually Dr. Conroy asks the participants questions either verbally or through his sensory awareness and then observes them as they forge their agreement. 

EcoPeace Treaties® are based on the fundamental idea: “Live and Let Live.”

What does it involve?
  • Communicating intuitively and from the heart with the consciousness and innate intelligence of Living Beings.
  • Asking 2 living Beings--members of an ecosystem, possibly “invasives”––how they can live in dynamic balance.
  • Including the people who are responsible on the property.
  • Meditating an agreement between those Living Beings based on their needs, not human needs.

Helping trees regain their health.

Part of accomplishing an EcoPeace Treaty, includes helping the trees regain their health.  Dr. Jim Conroy does his hands-on bioenergy healing treatments as part of the process.  Dr. Jim does his work without any products; rather he works through his proprietary, hands-on, bioenergy healing systems called Cooperative BioBalance and Green Centrics®. By bringing the components of an ecosystem—plants, insects, organisms, the soil, the elements, and others––into healthy relationships, those components become interconnected and support each other. Thereby, a dynamically balanced whole ecosystem is formed and rejuvenated.

What's the Reasoning Behind EcoPeace Treaties?

Every living organisms that is threatened usually reacts defensively.  In Nature, organisms become more aggressive and seek to reproduce in greater numbers. 

For example:

By recognizing the Emerald Ash Borer’s right to live and its unique contributions, and by asking its innate intelligence for its input, Dr. Conroy holistically treats the insect and sets up a peaceful collaboration.  He feels that without threats to its existence and with the acceptance that it is now part of the North American ecosystem, the EAB will not react aggressively and will not seek to reproduce in extreme numbers.  Logically, the EAB does not want to destroy its only food source: Ash trees.

Concurrently, the Ash trees in the Northeast USA–which were already weakened by the natural activities of other disease organisms, other insects,  pollution, and changes in the weather–were susceptible to the insects' boring and tunneling activities. The trees needed to have their inner functionality and overall health improved for which Dr. Jim's ecological energy-medicine is the best solution. 

The LIVE AND LET LIVE approach respects the insect’s primal drive to live and recognizes that conventional efforts to eradicate the insect will never be successful.  By improving the health of the trees, expanding the inter-connectivity of all the organisms in the local ecosystem, and by forging EcoPeace Treaties® between the living members of the ecosystem–including the Emerald Ash Borer–all organisms in an ecosystem can thrive.

EcoPeace Treaties serve to reconnect and interconnect those living beings in their ecosystem so that health, balance, harmony, and peace are restored.

Want to See Results?

Please go to the EcoPeace Treaties Tag.

Anyone can learn to do a simple EcoPeace Treaty.

You can learn to do EcoPeace Treaties yourself, too. You act as the facilitator and witness among these living Beings.

Previous experience with Tree Whispering is a plus.  For advanced levels of EcoPeace Treaties, the study of Cooperative BioBalance and Green Centrics is necessary.

Reading our Live and Let Live books will broaden the experience.

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