Methodologies #9: Dimensional Lightwork

I'm turning this explanation over to my partner, Basia Alexander. She better at explaining the finer points.

Thanks, Jim... This is the final and most difficult step.

Methodologies #9: Dimensional Lightwork = Empowering Nature through Spirit

This is not so much a method as it is a COLLABORATION between the human consciousness and dimensional forces and beings.  

Human consciousness?

Well, many learn-ed people have tried to define that.  For simplicity, we simply say that

  • we humans have conscious awareness,
  • we humans can use our feeling and reasoning abilities,
  • and consciousness is expandable with a willingness to release old unworkable ideas.  
Dimensional forces and beings?

Well, human consciousness can only hold the awareness of so much because we are physical.  We have left a non-physical part of ourselves in non—physical places that knows all of this already, but when we came to Earth, we forgot so that we could have our physical experience.  That’s part of the schooling here in the world of FORM.

So I can’t define dimensional forces and beings.  

But, in an attempt to point toward “dimensionality”,  I’ll say this about what Dr. Jim and I believe:  

(1) Dimensional Forces have no form.  LIGHT is the greatest dimensional force.  Here I do not mean illumination—photons and even smaller things—are form.  Rather I mean LIGHT as a consciousness without form, without “beingness.”  There are other dimensional forces:  LIFE FORCE.  UNIVERSAL RHYTHM.  UNIVERSAL ENERGY.  GROWTH ENERGY.  And the ELEMENTAL FORCES.  These are all consciousnesses, without form or ‘beingness.’  Our sensory systems cannot experience these directly but we humans can “know” them.  

(2) We think that Dimensional Beings come in various flavors (for lack of a better word.)
Some could be thought of as “Souls.”   In spirituality and in various religious systems, they are often called “spiritual protectors”, “ancestors” or “ascended masters.”  
In folk traditions, there is a class of dimensional beings called “elementals” or “fairies.”
There is a classification of dimensional beings called “Angels” but they are thought of as not having “souls” exactly, but rather as having pure divine energy.  
Our sensory systems cannot usually experience these directly but we humans can “know” them.  And they can slow their vibration down sufficiently for the dense forms that we are to sometimes have sensory experiences of them.  

(3) Manifestation (made simple):
“Elemental Forces” and “The Elements” serve as a kind of bridge between the non-form places of dimensionality and physical form.  We think that “Elemental Forces” exist more on the dimensional side as they are the consciousnesses of manifestation.  We think that “The Elements” are their physical counterparts.  We have a few tantalizing insights into the bridge between the non-physical and The Physical… but I’ll have to leave that for another time.  

Why do Dimensional Lightwork?  

This is the leading edge methodology that Dr. Jim Conroy has been developing since 2016. It’s out-of-the-box thinking for healing multiple interactions among Nature beings in very large areas.  Dimensional Lightwork treatments empower Nature to regain health and overcome some of the effects of pollution and climate extremes.  

The ultimate reason is for trees and all of Nature’s beings—including people—to thrive and grow.

How is Dimensional Lightwork done?  

How? On the human consciousness side: the work is based on making an intuitive connection in consciousness with Nature’s living Beings while thinking of them not as physical beings but rather as their dimensional consciousnesses.  In other words, we often imagine a tree as a collection of gold stars or dots that spiral in some “other” kind of place.  And then, we imagine another Nature being—perhaps an insect, or a mountain, or water—as a collection of gold stars or dots that spiral in that same “other” kind of place.  

We may receive their messages about their specific ailments or stressors, but what we really apprehend is the information about their ideal state of health, their dimensional blueprint, their goals, their innate potentials.  

We do all that WHILE receiving insights and sometimes instructions from the wisdom of Nature and from various appropriate-to-the-moment Dimensional FORCES and Dimensional BEINGS.  

On the side of the dimensional forces and beings:  Well, we know that they are working on behalf of the Nature beings, but we don’t know what they are doing.  They are telling us that they are supporting our work.  

Dr. Jim practices this work daily.   Every treatment is different.  And he says that every day he learns something. He sets up a 2-way flow: trees to ecosystem, ecosystem to trees, with every being supporting each other. With a back-and-forth flow, their goals, design ideals and innate potentials can appear in THE PHYSICAL.  Dr. Conroy’s newest developments are not yet published.

Learning and Teaching?  

The book, Live and Let Live–Enlightened Stewardship, also provides a description of his 11-Dimension Model which is helpful in understanding how he works with the many dimensions beyond the familiar reality of THE PHYSICAL.  You can learn a lot by reading that.

We have attempted to teach this work, but it’s really not teachable.  It is attainable, however.  What do I mean by that?  It’s only through (1) practicing connection with Life Force, (2) using the Green Centrics method, (3) holding open-minded beliefs about one’s spirituality, and (4) having the desire to cultivate the skills can a person attain what is not teachable.  In other words, we can only do as this old saying indicates “lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink.”  

At this point, Dr. Jim, me (Basia Alexander) and a select few students have braved this territory.  We hope you will reach this point along the Healing Path, too.

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