Video: Tree & Eco Healing is Done in Collaboration w Nature, In BioEnergy, and In Conscousness

And, there's a bit of background information that would help if you knew while you are listening to the video.

So, Basia has put in several diagrams.

First of all, understanding that our healing work requires an open mind and "out of the box" thinking. Humanity's current paradigm of thought (the structures we think inside of) can be summarized as "domination, control, and superiority." If we are to co-create a livable planet with Nature as a partner, we have to get out of that box.
We cultivate the skill of seeing-from-a-tree's-point-of-view or seeing through Nature's eyes. Being NATURE-CENTRIC, not human centric allows us to let go of what we think we know and open the door to ask questions and hear what trees and Nature have to say. You can connect with trees in order to find out what the tree's life is like.

In other words, trees have consciousness. They have a guiding light that directs all of their inner functions and contains their goals and innate qualities.
People produce a bioenergy field. Trees, plants, and all living beings produce a bioenergy field. When close, the bioenergy fields overlap. Please see the detail for the eleven basic concepts unpinning our leading edge methods at our sister website.

Some people call it "intuition" or "inner knowing." We think of it as "overlap of consciousness." When "in the zone" or in a deep mediative state, the information about what the trees need in order to function on the inside becomes available.
Tree's inner functionality can be thought of as operating in feedback loops. Multiple feedback loops make a network pattern of functionality.
Often, the healing work we do involves forming a "network pattern" of information in our consciousness which is then shared with the trees or Nature beings into their consciousness.
The areas of concern in healing the trees that Dr. Jim addresses can be summarized this way:
Here's the result for the trees.
Here's the result for the forest: trees connected within and between, living beings who depend on the trees can be connected within and between, and the forest emerges as a whole, greater than the sum of its parts.
As only one example, here's the PATH TO HEALING for trees that have been burned. Dr. Jim focuses on this (in more detail) when interacting with any trees.

This video was done on April 14, 2021. There are more videos coming...