My name is Dr. Jim Conroy
I'm The Tree Whisperer®.
PhD Plant Pathology.
Nature Communicator.
Saves, Heals Trees
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New Thinking: Collaborating with Nature, Healing Ecological Damage
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No cutting. no Chemicals. Nothing invasive. ONLY methods that heal.

Healer. Speaker. Innovator.

Out-of-the-box thinking, conscious collaboration, and mindful methods for healing trees, plants, crops, forests, ecosystems. Restoring ecological health to our planet!

Let me introduce myself...


Please join me for the next of our monthly online gatherings..."Saving the Giant Sequoia trees"
Inspiring, experiential, informative, and hope-filled!

June 29th, 2023, 7pm Eastern time

...for about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on people's questions.

Live online, with a recording available afterward to those who register but may not be able to attend.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Enjoy guided visualization meditation -- we'll connect with the Life Force of the Giant Sequoias.
  • Be FIRST to hear about Dr. Jim's and Basia's insights and breakthroughs about Saving Giant Sequoia Trees.
  • Dr. Jim may "tune-in" to your tree. Register and you'll get an email address if you want to send your tree's photo.
  • Q&A about reversing effects of climate extremes on trees & plants.

FREE but a donation is always appreciated.


You'll enjoy it and be inspired, but, here are 5 benefits the wise old Giant Sequoias tell us THEY will gain because you attend this free online gathering with us on June 29th or register for the recording:

  1. First benefit: the trees say they will make connections or have conversations with a wonderful human—you!
  2. they will recover a higher measure of their inner health because a shared collective focus between you and them will be established in higher levels of consciousness. (That’s the collective consciousness we are trying to foster by giving you our report in the June 29th meeting.)
  3. Third benefit for the Giant Sequoias: It’s important to them to fulfill their purpose to be generous to humanity… and your attendance will help them do that.
  4. They will be able to resume living in a broader community with other Giant Sequoias and with other trees.
  5. And they will benefit from having more humans who are on their side and who can speak FOR them.

More Upcoming Gatherings:

A registration link will be available for these times when the previous event is complete.

  • Thursday, August 10th, 2023. Online. 7:00pm Eastern Time.
  • More to be announced later in the year.
Recordings of past Gatherings can be found at
  • May 18, 2023, "Step Inside Your Tree's Climate Changed World"


I love to use my holistic methods to help climated-stressed, sick, burnt, or injured trees regain health.

I had a 25+ year successful career in the agricultural chemical industry. Then, I had a flash of insight that changed my life.

Now I communicate and collaborate with trees, plants, crops, forests, ecosystems, and other Nature Beings to help them regain their health and balance from the inside-out. No products or cutting.

I love to give talks about my results and the multiple healing systems I've developed.
I've written 7 books, too!

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You can enroll in this course at our school:


Healing from the Inside-Out is done in Collaboration: Consciousness-to-consciousness. This video was done on April 14, 2021.

(Find detail for this video at the post: Tree & Eco Healing is Done in Collaboration with Nature, In BioEnergy, and In Consciousness. )


Even if trees look green, they are probably not healthy.

Climate extremes such as drought, winds, storms, and temperature shifts are taking a toll. I've spent the last 20 years developing systems that heal trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems from the inside out, using an overlap in bioenergy as well as collaboration between my human consciousness and the consciousness of trees.

Let me explain in these videos:

July 16, 2016: Dr. Jim Conroy talks about the changes that trees and ecosystems experience in climate changes and his mission to help and heal them. Native life and natural habitat supports the animal life, coming back into real dynamic balance. He outlines the opportunity if people will become real stewards of the land and become excited about the results that arise from the Tree Whispering work to bring the vibration of Earth up. Everything is connected to everything, including people. All can thrive.


Why are YOU Here?

You’re here because you love trees and are willing to think outside-of-the-box to restore their health or keep them healthy. You’re curious about leading edge ideas and breakthroughs for the rejuvenation of Nature

  • Perhaps you have a sick tree or forest that needs help?
  • Perhaps you are in a drought area, or area of other climate extremes?
  • Perhaps you care about the trees burning in wildfires globally?

Maybe your'e here because conventional approaches are not helping your trees, or the tree-care person just wants to cut it down. 

You’re here because you may want to hire a tree-healing master to help your trees... or you may want to learn how to help them yourself.   

You are in the right place if you believe that a combination of science with consciousness is a good way to solve humanity’s environmental problems.

Is this you?

  • You love trees.  
  • See the possibility that “holistic and complementary” bioenergy-based tree and ecosystem care will restore health to your trees and on the planet. 
  • Want a sustainable and enlightened approach to environmental health on your property—whether it’s a backyard, a business, or an institution.  
  • If you are already a professional in the field, you are willing to go outside of the bounds of your conventional training.   
  • You are a young student or young adult who is seeking powerful environmental solutions for your future.   
  • You might want to become a practitioner of the various methods discussed here. 
  • Believe that a combination of science with consciousness is a good way to solve humanity’s environmental problems.
  • Want to expand your awareness into understanding leading-edge dimensional and consciousness-based approaches.

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Popular Questions

Clients usually ask me

"How is your work as The Tree Whisperer different from other tree care?"

Most people trained in conventional approaches to tree care don't have the advantage of actually ASKING the trees about the state of their inner health like I do. Most tree-care people simply do a diagnosis from whatever they've been trained in, assume that it applies to your tree, then put some kind of product on it. Or worse yet, they fill you with fear that the tree is dangerous and tell you that they can cut it down.

When you go to the doctor, you prefer a personalized approach. Right? You wouldn't have something cut off because the doctor scares you.

I use my intuitive, right-brained, non-linear connection to the Life Force of each and every tree and plant to find out about its specific situation. Then, I use the energy-medicine methods that I created specifically for trees, plants, and ecosystems to HEAL exactly what's wrong from the inside-out.

I will try to HEAL a tree no matter how sick it is. I don't use products--ever.

"How long until my tree or property gets better?"

Trees are on "tree-time." You have to be patient. And your active engagement will help it.

Tree have to grow roots, set leaf-buds for the following season, clear blockages that may be preventing the flow of fluids, and grow new tubes for better fluid circulation. That all takes a while. The growth I've just talked about takes at least a full year. It can take 2 to 3 years for the tree to look better.

However, after the tree is stabilized, healing, and growing again (like any hospital patient) it is possible to cut out ONLY the dead branches. When you do that you may have a smaller appearing tree, but it will look better.

Trees need to overcome many challenges while they heal. For example drought, storms, extreme wind, perhaps flooding, unseasonal cold snaps, or excess heat can all set a tree's health back. But if you supplement my healing treatments with your own loving attention and well as by doing HEALING WHISPERS®, you will continue to help the tree get better.

"Do you have to touch every tree?" "Do you work on whole ecosystems?"

No. I don't have to touch every tree. Yes. My work extends into the whole ecosystem.

I can touch a single tree and all similar trees on the property (and even on neighbor's properties because trees don't understand human boundaries) receive the HEALING treatment. By doing a healing interaction with 3 or 4 trees on the property, usually all of the trees will be able to use at least some of the healing information and improve their health.

Trees operate in community. They share information through their bioenergy networks... and they do that whether their roots "touch" or not. That is why nearby trees will all improve to some degree.

Many clients tell me that their whole property "feels" better and looks better after consistent visits over a year or more. 

"How many times do you have to come to the property?"

My HEALING methods work quickly because unlike humans, trees don’t have “mental blocks” to getting better.  When I discover what’s wrong and begin to input the healing patterns of energy and consciousness, trees respond immediately.  I usually ask them what’s happening inside and then I feel improvements such as improved circulation, release of inner blockages, higher rates of photosynthesis, movement of foods to needed growth areas, and more.  

However, very sick trees will need multiple visits. Sometimes trees that look good with lots of leaves can be very sick. I use an informal zero to 10 scale which indicates to me how sick or healthy a tree may be. A tree that tests as a 6 has about 60% of its inner functionality working properly. I would consider that tree to be "just okay." A tree testing as a 2 only has about 20% or less of its functionality working. That tree is very, very sick and will need multiple visits. 

Why? Because when a tree is that sick--similar to a human--many inner systems are compromised. All systems in any living being have interlocking feedback loops. When one breaks, they are all affected. To properly and fully heal, all of the feedback loops have to be re-established IN THE RIGHT PRIORITY ORDER and then in a way where the healing-and-growing loop can be sustained.

And sometimes, the "fix doesn't stick" after only one treatment. There are too many environmental factors which may cause more blockages or disconnects to arise. 

But, I am very persistent.  I won’t leave unless a tree tests as at least an “8.”  That would mean this:  no matter how bad it looks on the outside, its available inner parts and systems have been restored to 80% functionality.  It’s true that a very sick tree may slip back and need more treatment to really grow again.  But, many very sick trees I have worked with have improved by a full number from the previous time each time I return.  

"How much does this cost?"

I work by donation.

You must decide how much a healthy tree, a balanced ecosystem, and your peace of mind is worth to you.

Since my work is done through my own leading edge energy-medicine approaches, I don't try to compete with conventional tree care. However, if the "tree-guy" told you to cut your tree down and I was able to save it, there might be a correspondence of value there for you.
Jim and Basia visiting Utah ski area in 2022
How do you like our "office?"

There are 2 of us.
We travel a lot to heal climate-stressed trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems!

Co-founder of and my business partner, Basia Alexander, is the other half of this business and this work. She helps to develop my systems and is a writer. She is writing a lot of the blog posts for me.

We travel a lot to do philanthropic work.

See fun stuff: our travelogue and Jim with some of his favorite trees.
"Healing ecological damage and
co-creating a livable planet is a lofty but necessary goal. You can help by becoming a Partner With Nature."

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Years Experience as The Tree Whisperer
After a flash of insight, I left a 25+ year corporate career in Agricultural Chemicals,
I'm no flake. I know my stuff!
Major areas of research
1. Use of shared consciousness
2. Protections from climate extremes
3. Healing ecological damage
4. Secrets of trees' inner functions
5. Live and Let Live:  Co-existence
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