Explaining How I Empower Nature

Empowering Nature is something I am passionate about. It's not an obvious thing because most people look out their windows or go for walks and think that Nature is looking pretty good, generally.

But Nature has been disempowered in the last couple hundred years by people who are operating unconsciously in a mindset of control, domination, and superiority.

And actions that flow from that mindset have resulted in the climate crisis we are experiencing now. Nature is disempowered....

Let me turn the explanation of that over to Basia.

Thanks, Jim. Let's start with asking a few questions.

How is Nature already empowered?  

Nature is endlessly creative.  She is not attached to Form.  Through myriad interactions within and between countless living beings, She knows how to seek and find dynamic balance. That’s her 4 billion year heritage of advancing LIFE here on planet Earth through various evolutionary and dimensional processes.

How is Nature disempowered?

Mother Nature’s creatures (such as animals, reptiles, etc.) and sentient beings (such as trees, plants and rocks) and other conscious forms (such as mountains, oceans, and others)are struggling to survive in their existing forms in the current adverse ecological conditions on Earth. It’s the sudden onset of extremes--such as weather conditions and presence of polluting substances—that are taxing organisms that don’t have time to evolve.  

Rather than evolve, they are simply dying,  Many are going extinct.  

Think about this: mechanical methods, chemical or other products, and the use of various physical incursions don’t work as well as people would like to think. There are always side-effects and unexpected damage. And when they do appear to work for one organism, they often do so by the mass killing of other organisms.

All of those ways disallow Mother Nature’s attempts to create equilibrium.  

Does Nature need empowering?

Yes. Because Nature —Mother Earth— is currently operating in extremes, seeking dynamic balance.  She is reaching (perhaps has already reached) her tolerance level to insults such as plastics pollution and various other kinds of human interference.  

By Herself, would Nature reestablish dynamic balance on Earth in a long period of time?  

Of course. Nature has used environmental calamities—such as astroid hits—many times in her long history to express her creativity.  Nature’s creativity would again reestablish a multitude of species in balanced ecosystems.  

But humanity would be optional in that very long process.

How does Nature need human help to be re-empowered now?

A more detailed explanation is at the previous page, How I Heal Large Tracts of Land.  

However, this diagram is a good summary:

Our Approaches Empower Nature so that She can heal herself.

Dr. Jim is already thinking at a higher level and doing bioenergy and dimensional methods for trees, plants, and all ecosystem members.  Why does he do this? He has been guided to this path. His own spiritual guides and protectors provide him with insight and directions. The trees tell him that they are sick and dying; Mother Earth has asked him to help.  

I, Basia, his partner and co-founder, can say that he is a generous and big-hearted person.

He uses all of the skills and insight he has developed since 2003, as discussed in the post How I Heal Large Tracts of Land.    And he has developed his skills even further.  

  • He asks Nature what She knows.
  • He asks Her what Her goals are.
  • He asks Nature what her living Beings are each and all capable of becoming—individually and as interacting wholes.
  • Then, he does what she advises—Her way--not his way.  

What is the Result of Empowering Nature? Restoring Vibrancy

Can you see vibrancy?  Perhaps.

An intangible but real quality of life, vibrancy returns to trees, plants, and living Beings who are connected to each other in universal rhythm.  

Dr. Jim Conroy calls on healing LIGHT and divine LIFE FORCE to fill those trees, plants, insects, animals—all—in ecosystems that have fallen into decline cycles. Inner blockages transform so that the flow of fluids and the flow of Life Force is restored.  

The state of vibrancy is more than just being healthy.  

Vibrancy glows.  

A living Being who is vibrant is fully alive, functioning optimally, and expressing its goals, ideals and innate potentials.  

Dr. Jim is able to invite the living Beings on large tracts of land to heal and thereby empowering Nature to be vibrant.


  • When the invisible ethereal architecture of a living Being is reminded of its original design;
  • When it is shown the path into alignment with its own highest potential;
  • When it is in connection and flow with all others,
  • Then and only then is the upward spiral of growth regenerated.

The Being is reinvigorated.  Vibrancy is restored.