Methodologies #7: Green Centrics

I'm turning this explanation over to my partner, Basia Alexander. She better at explaining the finer points.

Thanks, Jim... Green Centrics is my favorite!

Methodologies #7: Green Centrics

You are a healer.  It’s in your human skill-set.  Now, just learn Green Centrics.

You may want to take the next step on the Healing Path: learn a method.  Green Centrics is an energy-medicine system that employs your conscious awareness of the Green Being’s situation and the situation of the whole ecosystem, and brings in a set of processes for you to apply.  

For people, various energy-medicine approaches such as The BodyTalk System, Reiki, and others are based on the healer interfacing with the proven bioenergy field of the client.  Generally, practitioners use their consciousness—and sometimes hands-on methods—to provide a new, healthy pattern of energy or information so that the client’s body, mind, and spirit can regain health and well-being.  

Green Centrics is the world's first ECOLOGICAL bioenergy-medicine system that also employs the user's consciousness and hands-on techniques to provide a new, healthy pattern of energy and information to the patient, who is actually a Green Being or Nature Being of some kind.  It is being CENTERED on something other than self.  

Coming From Nature's Point of View

We say that Green Centrics is "coming from Nature's Point of View."  In other words, the conscious forms that we call "trees, plants, animals, insects, micro-organisms, reptiles, and others" have a perspective, have Life Force, have goals and an ideal design. By coming from their point of view, we find out what they need in order to heal and to thrive.  

The Green Being becomes whole.  And you, as the healer, also become whole.  Green Centrics is about becoming Whole and moving from learned skills to the artistry of healing ecological damage.

To understand how energy-medicine works, you may think of plugging in a lamp.  You don’t see electricity flow, but the light comes on. Similarly, you don’t see the energy connections that you facilitate inside of the tree’s or plant’s parts, functions, or systems, but the Green Being or other Nature Being begins to grow and regain health in a holistic way.

Since there are NO PRODUCTS or invasive technologies used to get results, Green Centrics is a totally sustainable, earth-friendly method.

Anyone can learn Green Centrics.  There is a simple circular diagram of easy processes.  Green Centrics helps people expand their ability to use their sensory awareness and intuitive connection with trees, plants and Beings of Nature.  The Green Centrics techniques are powerful healing processes for Green Beings and they provide empowerment for people who use them.  


  • Becoming Whole: aligning disparate parts of self into a coherent, greater whole.
  • Green Centrics: Being CENTERED on something other than self: Coming from the Green Being’s or Nature’s Point of View and being appropriately humble in the work while gaining confidence in inner capabilities, competence, and effectiveness.
  • Gaining communication and partnership skills.  Learning the ART of co-creating as a collaborative equal with Beings of Nature. Then, moving from learned skills to artistry.  
  • Using the Beginner’s mind. Cultivating the skill of neutrality.  
  • Expanding beyond current limiting concepts of self: upgrade your thinking, expanding your conscious awareness.  
  • Having experiences of oneness with all life; align with spirituality
  • Doing good, healing ecological damage, restoring a livable planet at backyard, local, regional, and planetary scales.
  • Being aligned with personal purpose.
  • Learn how Nature Manifests.  Engaging with Elemental Forces in the process of manifestation.  Looking for emergence of new wholes.
  • Working in a dimensional space, in the ‘cloud’ of gold stars that is spiraling.  Being aware of Spirit.  Working with Invisible Helpers and Natural Forces. Having big picture thinking.

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