Methodologies #1: Nature Communication

I'm turning this explanation over to my partner, Basia Alexander. She better at explaining the finer points.

Thanks, Jim... This is the first and most exciting step of all. Talking with Nature in a meaningful and satisfying way.

Methodology #1: Nature Communication™

A journey begins with the first step.  An adventure starts with the first unknown.

And questions arise…

Who is being healed?  In this case, both you and Nature are being healed.

What kind of path is this?  It’s a gentle path that you can take at your own pace.  

What do I have to do?  Listen to your heart.  Make positive choices.  

Nature Communication is, as it sounds, "talking" with Nature. Is that crazy?

Not at all.

Ancient and indigenous cultures have always done this because their lives depended on Nature. So they needed to get information from Her.

Modern western culture has generally excluded the idea that any other being besides humans could be live or sentient... and it's been done at humanity's detriment. That's crazy.

So, no, you are not crazy.

Coming from the Tree's Point of View

When you start to take the healing path, you begin with an open mind and an open heart.  Be open to the idea that trees and plants are as alive as you are, that they have their own consciousness, just as you do.  

Once you allow for that, it’s possible to stand “in their shoes” so to speak.  In other words, to imagine what their lives are like.  You can imagine what it’s like for a tree to be standing with branches upraised and rooted in Mother Earth, sun or rain falling on leaves and soil, making its own food but also living at the whim of humans nearby and weather.  

We call that “Coming from the Plant’s Point of View.”  And we offer many exercises so that you can make that breakthrough into being plant centric or Nature centric.  It just takes a little patience, a little mindfulness, and love for trees and plants.  

You may already be communicating with trees, plants, or other Nature beings.  You might be hearing their messages in your inner hearing, seeing images in your inner sight, or feeling impressions in your emotional knowing.  The real key is to TRUST that you are not just making it up.  Once you accept that those impulses are actually coming from your bioenergy overlap with a tree that you are close to, then you are doing Nature Communication.  

And when you are doing Nature Communication, you are connected with Life Force itself.  It’s a profound experience of wholeness and even unity with all Life.  What could be more healing than that?  

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