Methodologies #5: Holistic Chores

I'm turning this explanation over to my partner, Basia Alexander. She better at explaining these details.

Thanks, Jim... Holistic Chores is our best advice for people.

Methodologies #5: Holistic Chores

You’re practical.  And you have to do chores outside.

Sure, you like the idea of PARTNERING with NATURE in order to mutually benefit and help living Beings survive and thrive.  

But, you’re also practical and you have to do those darn chores.  Here are some WAYS for you and for Nature Beings to work holistically in partnership so that the results are more successful.  

Sometimes conventional approaches are too harsh for trees, plants and other Beings of Nature. Trees can be damaged or killed by rough pruning.  Sometimes transplanting is not successful.  Construction around trees, plants and other organisms is particularly disruptive and dangerous to trees.  

You can do chores in more holistic, respectful, gentle, and considerate ways. Holistic Chores maximize the chances of success because you won’t hurt trees, plants, and other organisms when you want to do practical things.

Doing the practical things in the garden and with trees by using this holistic approach is both respectful and successful. This is a great way to partner with Nature.

We'll post detail about each of these Holistic Chores soon....

  • Transplanting.
  • Pruning.
  • Weeding.
  • Repairing Disturbances.
  • Investigating Trouble.
  • When anticipating construction.
  • Harvesting.
  • and more....

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