VIDEOs Writing and Releasing the Books

Everyone said: "You have to write a book! You have to show how people can connect with Nature in this deep way."

Easier said than done!

We started teaching in 2005 after 3 years of development of the practices. We started an outline in 2007. Our other activities were very helpful. We talked to people at trade shows and at garden shows. We gave talks to groups large and small.

Then, finally in 2010, we bought a large monitor for me, I printed up photos of the people in all of our various classes for inspirations, and we started to actually write.

We found a WONDERFUL editor, Melissa, who taught us so much about structure and readability.

It took a year, but the physical book arrived the day we were starting to teach our 2011 Omega Institute workshop. This is the first moment we unpacked the box:

And here's our formal announcement at a wonderful public show for people who prefer organic farming:

Our next book would be a companion notebook and journal. It's designed as a spiral notebook so it's easy to carry and easy to write in.

The Tree Whisperer was really talking with the trees and getting a LOT of insights into how they operate from the inside-out.

This book is a quick, easy read that will open your eyes to the amazing ways that trees really grow and how they live.

This book was a surprise.

After we sent out the Storm Prep Whispers prior to Hurricane Sandy, people who used them to save their trees told us their stories. We assembled them into this wonderful little book.

All along, Basia and I have received messages from trees. Sometimes profound, sometimes personal, always a deep communication with that green living Being, trees have a lot to say to us humans.

We thought that sharing the trees' and plants' messages in a coloring and activity book would be a great way to introduce the young and young-at-heart to these powerful ideas:

By 2014, my work expanded to include ecosystem healing. And, to heal any ecosystem, Nature asks that we have the philosophy: Live and Let Live. It's really something NEW for me to say.

By May of 2015, we published a second installment because we had more to say about the idea of Live and Let Live, and because I made new developments in my dimensional approach.

Here's us with all 7 books!