Video: Ski area trees benefit from consciousness-based collaborative healing methods

July 29, 2022

Climate Changes -- here it's the extremes of temperature shifts that occur on a daily and seasonal basis -- cause these trees to have blockages in their circulation systems. In spring, the temps shifted from unseasonably warm back to very cold many times. The trees could not manage their internal functionality to adapt to that.

Products won't fix that situation for the internal functionality of the trees. And even if they could, it's unrealistic to use products in a large forest.

BioBalia Nature InterPlay™

Therefore, our consciousness-based collaborative healing method is the only way to help the trees from the inside-out. "BioBalia" means "BIO"logy in "BAL"ance. It's the ideal environmental condition that emerges when trees and plants of all kinds are interconnected and healthy in their ecosystem. The collaborative "InterPlay" of consciousness between a person and a tree reveals how the tree's inner functions are compromised AND how the tree can take the inner steps to regain health.

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