VIDEO: Deal with Drought? These Innovations and Your Consciousness will Help Trees Survive

Please scroll down for my video about saving trees in drought... and for the Deal With Drought Whispers you can do.

Look carefully. That's me in the center of the photo, standing where water should be.

Traveling again! We got to California again in May, 2021. Our original purpose was to visit fire areas -- some that we gave healing treatments to in the past, and some new fire areas. But what became apparent immediately was that California is again in a severe drought situation.
This is Lake Oroville. Well, they call it a lake but really it's a reservoir for drinking water for some parts of California. The whole western USA--the left half of the country--didn't get the rain and snow that is normal in winter. People will suffer.
But so will trees and plants. And the last thing the West needs is a lot of dead trees to add to the fire threat.

How can the trees and plants be kept alive?

When we were there, we created these DEAL WITH DROUGHT Whispers. Actually, the grapes in Napa Valley helped to provide the context for a new way to think about WATER ENERGY.

Yes, the ENERGY of water...not H2O itself. Trees can use water ENERGY, if you can help them.

Below, please see the new Whispers... and stay tuned in case there are updates for them...

Dr. Jim Conroy's explanation of how WATER ENERGY can help trees and plants stay alive during drought.

The grapes in Napa Valley inspired this healing process, but it applies to all trees and plants.  

When I talk about the growers, listen as if I am talking about YOU... about all people everywhere in drought situations who want their trees and plants to live.

My explanation uses "advanced" words from my advanced approach to healing trees and plants. However, if you can listen to the overall meaning of my ideas, we think you'll get the idea. If you have questions, please email Basia. She'll answer your questions.