Video: Burnt trees use resources properly, push out new growth, higher survival rate

The photo you see above is a great example of two similar trees that were originally burned in the same wildfire. One failed. The other survived and is thriving 3 years later. Our mindful methods heal the internal functionality of burned trees so that they can use their resources more efficiently and NOT fail. I explain that in the video below, done in 2021.

We did our first healing treatment visit in early 2018 to the Atlas Fire which burned in the Napa Valley area in October of 2017.  

I've also include videos from 2019, taking about higher survival rates as a result of our work.

This is a ridge in the area that burned badly in 2017. Notice that the top of the ridge shows the most damage with some discolored orange-y leaves and some green leaves.

Of course, the badly burned trees could not survive. But the orange-y ones had a chance to not fail after the fire because of our work.

And most did survive. This photos was taken in May 2021:

On this homestead, all the trees at the edge of the property burned similarly. Note the arrow pointing to the tree with multiple trunks.

By our visit in 2021, the house had NOT been rebuilt. However, tree failure rate was very low. Notice that the tree with multiple trunks failed but the rest survived and are thriving.

2019 Videos taken in the same place

Survival Rate, Health, Strength of Trees After Atlas & Nun's Fires as of 2019 What would likely have happened without our healing work?

Clarification at the end of this similar video: