VIDEO: Breakthrough: Sharing and Interacting in Consciousness with a Tree, Carol's Silver Maple on Long Island

These are life or death choices for a tree.

Trees can get "stuck." What I mean is that they manage their inner resources. This is a proven scientific fact.

What happens when a tree has a limited amount of resources and it's "stuck?" It's got a dilemma.

The tree gets stuck and it has to make a decision or they don't do anything which leads to a decline cycle.

If it decides to give growth a try, it might use up all of its stored food (its resources) but not be able to maintain a full growth cycle. Then it dies.

The other option is to follow a systematic approach to use the limited resources it has in order to make MORE resources (food), then proceed to clear blockages and drive a full growth cycle.

But, not all trees can make these life or death choices, they get "stuck" and you might say they get "confused" just like people do when people get sick. Just like people, the trees need some help from another guided consciousness to show them the growth path.

Once the tree's consciousness "sees" the growth path, it lights up, uses it, and gets going and growing.

What's the breakthrough?

A human's consciousness can be guided to help and interact with the consciousness of the tree to develop the proper systematic sequencing to help the tree get un-stuck and move to a positive growth cycle.
I don't "HEAL." I wouldn't know how each tree's unique situation is to be solved. I am guided to do this. And you can learn. Anyone can learn how to do what I do with some training.