VIDEO Big Old Oak Tree recovering from Root Disease

This fabulous old Oak tree lives near the Ocean in southern Connecticut. Its dear friend (and I mean the people who own the property) are real tree lovers and well versed in tree-care.

I got the call in 2019 that this tree was found to have a root disease: Armillaria. It can be deadly to trees.

Our 1st Visit was in November of 2019. We returned in October of 2020.

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November 2019: Obviously, the tree has already shed its leaves for the season. But just take a look at this panorama of its size. It's enormous.

The good news was that it was healthy enough in 2019 to produce amazing leaf-buds. As long as the winter wasn't severe, these buds would provide good leaves to the tree so that it could make food to feed itself.

Here is my video of the highlights of my 2019 healing treatment for it. I did use my Dimensional Lightwork with the tree.

We returned in October of 2020.

Obviously, the tree is shedding its leaves for the season. However the owner said that he felt the tree was getting better. He thought it had better leaves, more leaves.

We'll go back again in 2021.