Video: Being a Burned Tree "How am I gonna get to my goals?"

Jim Conroy, PhD, speaks as the tree

If you don't mind me saying so, this video is an excellent, comprehensive explanation of how I work with the energy and Life Force of any tree. In this case, I'm speaking as if I were the trees that were burned in the Carr Fire in California.

Here are some of the topics I touch on in this video :
  • Tree's individual consciousness = their goals
  • Community among trees
  • Trees' purposes
  • Giving the trees after fire a Pathway to Health whereby they can make or share food among themselves
  • Connection, flow, and spiraling
  • Alignment with the universal impulse to grow
  • The Elements and how they fit in, how they need to be in balance
  • My personal desire to help trees grow
  • That fire is a part of Nature, She has a bigger picture
  • Adaptation to climate changes and climate extremes