VIDEO Answering the Question: What will Happen?

This client asked a wonderful question: "What will happen?"

I explain a little about the trees' internal functionality operating in sync so that the trees have a chance to regain their health.

Then, I talk about trees operating in community.

The next topic is about what to expect: that the trees will get ready for winter and heal on the inside but won't look visually fuller until they start to leaf-out in the following spring. Also, I make the point that dead branches don't grow leaves.

Since this is a new website in 2020, we have just posted this video as of August, 2020. However, the video was taken several years ago. I say this because there's an error in it. The error is in the sequence of healing that I talk about. In truth, I now connect and interconnect the ecosystem FIRST.

It's kinda funny--because I'll bet that RIGHT AFTER I made this video, my Spirit Guides woke me up in the middle of the night with a strong shake and told me to "treat" the ecosystem FIRST... and then bring up the health of the weakest links within it. That's become my usual modus operandi in subsequent years. And it makes sense from the holistic point of view.

Aside from that, the rest of the video is well worth watching for other good points.