*Intro: How Trees REALLY Operate on the Inside and What I Do ... You don't have to know any tree physiology

You don’t need to know any tree physiology to understand how trees REALLY operate on the inside.  

I'l cover:

  1. Tree Stressors: 3 or more stressors can lead to decline
  2. Feedback loops of interacting patterns
  3. Circulation: Blocked and Flowing
  4. And What I do....

Trees get stressed and sick just as people do.  Their stressors are not usually emotional but rather environmental.  See a list of tree stressors here at our sister website.  

When a major stress factor comes along, the tree can compensate… but then…. 

(please watch this short video) (there's no audio with it)

Trees operate in complex patterns of functionality. 

In other words, growth occurs because cell division occurs because the whole tree’s circulation system is moving food (made in the leaves) and fluids (usually brought up from the roots).  And the circulation system is composed of cells which also have to divide and grow.  And the roots are composed of cells which also have to divide and grow. 

But as you already know from the video, interconnections within trees’ inner systems can be broken, functionality can break down. That’s a tree in decline.  I can show it in a simplified way like this:

This is what the network patterns should look like in a healthy tree.  

Circulation is the most important system in a tree. 

They don’t “have” hearts… they “ARE” hearts.  Everything that happens in a tree is ultimately run by their circulation system moving food and fluids around.  However, just like people, trees can have blockages.  

Here’s an illustration of blockages.  If you do want some of the physiology, scroll down to see the full illustration.  

So what do I do to Heal trees? 

This is a really simple explanation.  Elsewhere on this website are more detailed and advanced explanations.  

(there's no audio with this video)

Here's that full illustration of tree circulation if you are interested in some of the physiology: