I am a "Pass-Through." My work is Spirit Driven and CoCreates with Nature.

What I do is Spirit-driven.  

What I mean is this: while the tree and ecosystem healing methods Basia and I have created have protocols, they are just guidelines.

Spirit tells me what aspects of tree functionality and ecosystem interaction need help and how.

Another way to say it is that I communicate with Divine wisdom and the consciousness of Nature—they tell me what to do.  I don’t assume that I know anything.  I certainly don’t assume that I know best what to do.  I am a “pass-through” for the information and for a wisdom that is greater than myself.  

That having been said, let me add that my own scientific knowledge, background, and experience adds to the quality of what Spirit tells me.  Anyone can do this: connect with Nature and receive information intuitively.  However, my scientific training, my personal discernment, and nearly 20 years of mastery in connecting with Nature and listening to higher realms makes the information that comes through more reliable and accurate.  

I can't follow a rule-book.

In a catastrophic situation like a fire, I can’t follow a strict protocol.  Why? Everything in Nature has been rearranged—they need me to listen closely and give them exactly what they need exactly how they need it. If the order isn’t right, it doesn’t work.  

Any processes or procedures are just guidelines to get me in touch with Spirit and have Spirit guide me. I couldn’t work with a rigid process because everything I do is about getting in touch with Nature and asking Nature what She needs.  

Doing this work over the course of nearly 20 years, I have a lot of insight into how living Beings operate both physically and dimensionally.  So I am able to get very specific and very targeted in my healing process.  

And healing is never the same from tree to tree or ecosystem to ecosystem.  

However, there is enough similarity that Basia and I are able to put together the methods that we teach.  That gives people a place to start from.  

What I do that is different is this: I work in a dimensional space and ask it to flow into The Physical, with the help of the Elemental Forces, the Physical Elements, their Synergies, and Form Builders.

CoCreative Efforts between me and Nature

This is Co-Creative because I am following what Nature is telling me to do.  We are communicating and collaborating.  This work is in rhythm with the wisdom of Nature’s over-all big picture. I am not assuming that I know best what Nature needs. I may have been trained as a scientist, but I don't assume that science has all the answers.

I ASK Nature and ASK my Spirit guides and then I listen.