COURSE: Updater Talks and Online Gatherings

We give FREE UPDATER TALKS that are live online gatherings (and we record them, too. )

These are the latest and greatest experiences and information about our work.

The schedule is subject to change but usually goes like this:

  • Basia Alexander offers a guided meditation or tells a "true story that hasn't happened yet." it's a peaceful, mindful time to enjoy inner quiet.
  • I, Dr. Jim, talk about my latest tree, crop, and forest healing work. It's often about my developments for helping trees in various places and circumstances withstand climate extremes. Basia and I often provide empowering processes that you can do in your backyard or a local park. During this section, I also may provide practical advice and information about trees.
  • You can pre-send a photo of your tree to my email address. Then, during the event, I'll be glad to "tune-in" to it and give you advice. Most of the time, I can't help but to give the tree a little distance-healing at the same time.
  • Q&A

To attend those talks--or to get the recording of them afterward--please register for EACH gathering separately at my home page. (It's just how the tech is set up.) You'll have to scroll down just a bit to find the form.

Sometimes we post excerpts from those gatherings at my YouTube Channel, in the playlist called "Courses at BioBalia Institute School"

You can find all of the recordings for the updaters at this link: