COURSE: The 101 Course for BioBalia Institute School

Different Ideas for Connecting with Inner Peace and for Healing Trees in Climate Extremes, So Trees Can Heal You and the World.

The Course itself is one video that's :51 minutes long. it's a free, introductory class.

Please get more info or take the course at

This 101 Course is an introduction so you can embark on your unique adventure into

  • finding inner peace with trees,
  • empowerment in the face of climate extremes,
  • and healing trees so they can heal you.

Please view this excerpt from our 101 Course located at my You Tube channel with several other excepts from other courses.

Climate extremes cause stress and decline for trees, plants, crops, and forests.

Discover an environmental solution that gives you inner peace and makes you an enlightened steward.
  • Find out about a better, more grass-roots way to fix the whole climate mess… while bringing inner peace to yourself.
  • Learn a bit about why trees everywhere are declining in climate extremes.
  • See why interacting directly with trees could be an environmental solution that gives you profound connection with your trees and makes you an enlightened steward.
  • Gain “realistic” hope for a livable planet.
  • Feel inspired to become empowered with skills.