🌳✨BREAKTHROUGH for Conscious Evolution of the Plant Kingdom and Humanity in Climate Extremes! ✨🌳

ANNOUNCING a climate-survival BREAKTHROUGH for the conscious evolution of the the Plant Kingdom and humanity on planet Gaia

Plant-communication leaders and expert tree-healers Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander of BioBalia Institute have collaboratively co-created with the Plant Kingdom’s profound intelligence an UPSHIFT in the Plant Kingdom’s Consciousness which will cause an evolution of tree’s, plant’s, crop’s, and forest’s inner circulation systems and their capacity to photosynthesize food for themselves.  

However, the Plant Kingdom needs humanity’s help—your help—to mindfully IMPLEMENT the three specific higher level shifts in consciousness that Conroy and Alexander have identified. People need to help trees, plants, crops, and forests implement the new consciousness into their daily operations of inner parts, systems, and functions.  


In other words, the Plant Kingdom’s profound consciousness perceives the existential threat that climate extremes are and “knows” that it can no longer operate in inefficient and unprepared old ways.  The Plant Kingdom’s Spirit and awareness is willing and able to EVOLVE in order to survive.  But trees, plants, crops, and forests can’t do it by themselves given their current state of stress and decline in advancing climate extremes.  Just because a tree is green doesn’t mean that it is healthy on the inside.

How can you help your trees, plants, crops, and forests?  By engaging your own consciousness—your mind, feelings, and Spirit—with theirs.  You can take a moment to hold specific concepts in your awareness while you are focusing your attention on trees and plants in your world.  Since the Plant Kingdom is already a single united being at the level of consciousness or Spirit, your interaction with one can impact all.  

Expected results:  

  • Because of interacting with the Plant Kingdom that mindful way, humanity — you — will expand your own consciousness and gain hope-filled inner peace for a positive future on a livable planet.  
  • When more people are interacting with the Plant Kingdom in Conroy and Alexander’s easy and simple ways, more people will become part of a group consciousness that has profound power to cause improvements on the planet.  
  • Your specific trees, plants, crops, and forests will become more able to implement the three specific higher-level shifts in consciousness into their daily operations to improve inner health.  Those healthier trees, plants, crops, and forests will re-unite with others locally and all over the world to re-form their global, healthy community of oneness.

Here are the 3 physiologically correct and botanically targeted ways the Plant Kingdom’s consciousness is shifting:  

  1. Trees, plants, crops, and forests learning that they have to make a lot more food for themselves in their leaves.
  2. Evolving their circulation systems to become responsive, efficient, and thrusting.
  3. Becoming in harmony with the energy-forces of climate extremes, as those conditions increase around them.

If you want to make a difference to your future, the Plant Kingdom, humanity, and the planet, please join us in using these simple and easy BioBalia Nature Interplay™ mindful and consciousness-based methods.