9 VIDEOs Hurricane Sandy's Storm Prep Whispers, During and After the Storm

Image credit: NASA GOES satellite

Dr. Jim Conroy explains that all the trees are "beacons" of the Storm Prep Whispers, prior to Hurricane Sandy...

Dr. Jim Conroy talks about preparing 8 locations in Connecticut for Hurricane Sandy, 2014.

As the winds of Hurricane Sandy begin to pick up in New Jersey, Jim talks about how the trees are dancing with the storm!

Final Prep for Hurricane Sandy as the winds are starting to come up.

Original Storm Prep Whispers that were emailed to our email list and then forwarded to so many other people. They went "viral."

You can do them anytime a storm--large or small-- is coming your way.

Scroll down to find out what happened during and after Hurricane Sandy....

Basia, my co-founder and partner, reported on how the winds were blowing at three different times during Monday, October 29th, 2012, as Hurricane Sandy was making landfall.

Everybody lost power.

There were trees down in so many places... but hardly any went down on properties where people did the Storm Prep Whispers.

We know that because when we got power back people were emailing us to tell us about their successes!!

After the Storm:

So many people told their stories that we gathered them all into a book:

Here are a few of the contributors: