Big Old Trees: Severely Pruned Giant Spruce

Looks okay from here... but this giant Spruce could have died.

The Giant Spruce was severely pruned and leaking fluids as if it were bleeding. It could have died....but luckily the homeowner called me right away.

See how it is "bleeding" fluids from those massive cuts? When a tree loses fluids, it can't move food and water around to the growing points.

If it can't grow, it dies.

My co-founder, Basia, and I made 2 visits per year from 2015 to 2020 to this property to work with this and other trees.

My work with this tree involved asking it to heal those cuts by creating blockages so that the fluids wouldn't seep out. I also strengthened its ability to do photosynthesis and its whole circulation system.

However, the tree kept "bleeding" a little bit of fluids for years.

By 2020, it was growing nicely again.

Jim working with the homeowner.