Early EcoPeace Treaties®

I started doing my early energy-medicine process to heal the inner health and functionality of crops and trees in 2002.

It didn't take long to discover the need to also address the ecosystem in which those crops and trees were embedded. The various insects, disease-causing organisms, and other factors in the ecosystem all work in concert with the tree or plant. Or, rather, they should.

Most people don't see the intricate lines of connection and inter-dependence that exist in an ecosystem. Even many professionals are too focused on their human-centric desires to get something from the tree or plant that is their focus. And it is all too easy to use some technique or chemical to try to have human control over Nature. So the concert of organisms in most ecosystems is not 'musical' at all but rather chaos.

I knew that there had to be a better way.

In the early days of my research, I would return to the office and discuss what I had learned from the trees and plants with my partner, Basia. We both value life, value harmony and cooperation, value the Earth and all of her inhabitants. In short order, we saw that there had to be a way to foster co-existence among organisms--even organisms that seem to be at odds with each other such as plants and insects or plants and diseases.

These videos show just some of the results of our early work with those ideas about co-existence in Nature.

As development continued, we tried different names for this idea: Co-Existence Technologies, Cooperative BioBalance, and others... but eventually we settled on the name ECOPEACE TREATIES. That's because as time went on, Jim found that he was working like a mediator between the organisms while those organisms were themselves--in their species-consciousness level--determining how they could live together and live in dynamic balance.