CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW....... September 22, 2008. This big Blue Spruce tree was still looking bad after years of attentive but conventional tree care. September is late in the year for trees--they start to go into dormancy--but Dr. Conroy was able to give the tree his Green Centrics™ bionenergy healing treatment. Please click through the photo album. You can read the whole story below.
September 22, 2008. The tree was headed into decline. Inner needles were dropping or brown.
This cleverly back-lit shot shows how thin the tree's branches and needles were when it received the healing treatment.
May 25, 2009. The BLUE, Blue Spruce put on abundant and very blue new growth.
May 25, 2009. This majestic tree really is a BLUE Blue Spruce.
For more of Dr. Jim's stories like this one, you might be interested in reading his book: THE TREE WHISPERER'S 10 TREE AND PLANT INSIGHTS.
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The “Blue” Blue Spruce, Rumson, NJ

For more of Dr. Jim’s stories like this one, you might be interested in reading his book: THE TREE WHISPERER’S 10 TREE AND PLANT INSIGHTS.

Dr. Jim tells his story about “Blue,” the Blue Spruce

“At the end of this tree’s ecological energy-medicine healing treatment,  I felt that there was still something missing.  I asked and asked and asked, but nothing came.  Then, in a moment of silence, I heard the tree whisper to me very clearly, ‘I want to be a BLUE Blue Spruce.’

“And that is exactly what it became the following spring.  Its new growth was plentiful and bright BLUE.

“Also, near the end of that healing treatment, I felt the upward shift of bioenergy and Life force that indicates to me that a tree’s inner processes are working healthily and in sync again.

“I stepped back–actually walked quite a ways back–to look at the whole tree.  It already looked better to me.  But, it wasn’t something I was seeing with my eyes.  Maybe I perceived it with the eyes of my heart, but the tree definitely looked  better.

“Even the property manager and one of the landscape workers noticed it, too.  ‘By God, I think he fixed it,’ he said.”


For more stories like this, you might be interested in reading Dr. Jim Conroy’s book: THE TREE WHISPERER’S 10 TREE AND PLANT INSIGHTS.