Chara Armon Interviews Conroy & Alexander for Healing Earth Telesummit

HealingEarthHealingSelf Dr. Jim Conroy , The Tree Whisperer® and Ms. Basia Alexander were honored to be a part of a wonderful group of experts talking about the relationship between healing the Earth and healing ourselves.

Chara Armon, the founder of Mutual Flourishing, has allowed us to make the recording available here for no charge.  However, we highly recommend clicking on this link to visit Mutual Flourishing for Self & Earth and hear the Healing Earth, Healing Self telesummit recordings and others on her website.

Voices of the Earth, Blog Talk Radio Interview by Carol Behan

Tree Whispering graduate and good friend, Carol Behan, invited us to be on her radio show. It was great fun to talk with her and explain what Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance is all about!

Carol Behan’s radio show, Voices of the Earth, on the Art of Living Well Network of Blog Talk Radio:



Dr. Jim Conroy Talks about the EcoPeace Treaty with the Deer

Dr. Jim’s work is developing.  He is interacting with other Nature Beings besides trees and plants.  His recent innovations, Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaties, allow him to work with insects, disease organisms, and even mammals.  Here, he talks about working with Deer and the demonstration vegetable gardens at an EcoLiteracy Center in New Jersey.