Chara Armon Interviews Conroy & Alexander for Healing Earth Telesummit

HealingEarthHealingSelf Dr. Jim Conroy , The Tree Whisperer® and Ms. Basia Alexander were honored to be a part of a wonderful group of experts talking about the relationship between healing the Earth and healing ourselves.

Chara Armon, the founder of Mutual Flourishing, has allowed us to make the recording available here for no charge.  However, we highly recommend clicking on this link to visit Mutual Flourishing for Self & Earth and hear the Healing Earth, Healing Self telesummit recordings and others on her website.

P1350042 2014 omega class
Read more about the Copper Beech tree on pages 126, and 248 of this book.
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For more of Dr. Jim's stories like this one, you might be interested in reading his book: THE TREE WHISPERER'S 10 TREE AND PLANT INSIGHTS.
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Chapter 12 of this book contains the whole story about the research in Colorado.

9 year Anniversary of teaching workshop at Omega Institute

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander taught their 9th Workshop at the Omega Institute this year!

And, this year, they had 6 book showing at the Omega Bookstore!

This diagram is in his new book, Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems.
Dr. Jim teaching a group out in the orchard with a Peach tree.
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2014-The Tree Whisperer Teaches Ecosystem Connectivity

Right out in one of the orchards where Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, did EcoPeace Treaty® research with Peach trees and their diseases, he gave an introduction to the ideas of co-existence and ecosystem interconnectivity.

There, I’ve said it! Live and Let Live: Multidimensional Collaboration is Out

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The book is only available at the publisher’s website:

We wrote this book in record time because we were inspired. It is sure to inspire you, too.

We feel that it will set the bar high for new perspectives on  ecological solutions for backyards, regions, and the planet.

You’ll learn about the development of my EcoPeace Treaty approach to co-existence among ecosystem members, even “invasives.”

At the same time, this idea whose time has come will stimulate your imagination and galvanize your desire to live in a better world.

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I Have Something New to Say

I am bursting with new information from the last few years of research that I have been doing.  So, I am going to spend the whole winter writing and collaborating with my business partner, Basia Alexander, to produce a new book. It will be called Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems.

It will show solutions to ecosystem degradation and humanity’s dilemma: how to thrive sustainably while restoring healthy interactivity and dynamic balance to ecological systems, including those with “invasives.”

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Who Will Enjoy this Book?

  • Tree people and plant lovers.
  • Visionaries who can foresee restoring balance to ecosystems in backyards and on large scales.
  • “Green” and sustainable lifestylers.
  • Gardeners, Nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Environmentalists.
  • Mindful and spiritual adventurers.
  • Tree or plant professionals and growers who want a better way.
  • Open-minded, open hearted, hopeful, positive, proactive people.
  • People who want to verify past Nature-connection experiences.
  • Those seeking association with like-hearted and like-minded people
CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. . . . . . . . Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer, is teaching about some of his new ideas in holistic, bio-energy-based, tree care.
This year he started teaching about EcoPeace Treaties.
Students are practicing.
...and graduating!!
Graduates feel as if they have gone through an initiation into a special, new stage in their lives.

2013, Teaching the Newest Information

Dr. Jim has recently developed an approach he calls Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaties.  He likes to teach the “new stuff” as soon as he can.



Daily Record, Morris County, NJ Article


You can read the article below, or watch the video.

Original article link:

Tree Whispering
Alternative medicine for a weary forest
8:33 AM, Jun 14, 2012
Written by Cara Townsend
Filed under: Grassroots

CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW . . . . . . . . Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander teaching at the Omega Institute.
2012-06-03 09.46.11
Students practicing.
One of the students in the class getting her graduation recognition.
Here's the whole graduating class.

2012 Teaching Tree Whispering at Omega Institute

The student practice tree this year was a Bradford Pear tree right in the middle of an active golf-cart driveway and walkway. It had been over-mulched; so we pulled the mulch back. Then, the entire class practiced the bioenergy and intentional consciousness techniques of the Tree Whispering Circle Diagram with this tree.

Beech Tree Rochester
Dr. Jim Conroy starts the workshop...
Tree (40)
A little classroom time...
But mostly a lot of hands-on experiences with the Life Force of the tree.
Tree (21)
This enormous tree had a long branch that students could stand along and touch the tree.
Tree (16)
A wonderful gathering!!

Teaching a Short Class in Rochester, NY

There was an amazing Beech tree just outside the classroom where the students gathered to practice.



Speaking to Golf Course Gathering

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