There, I’ve said it! Live and Let Live: Multidimensional Collaboration is Out

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The book is only available at the publisher’s website:

We wrote this book in record time because we were inspired. It is sure to inspire you, too.

We feel that it will set the bar high for new perspectives on  ecological solutions for backyards, regions, and the planet.

You’ll learn about the development of my EcoPeace Treaty approach to co-existence among ecosystem members, even “invasives.”

At the same time, this idea whose time has come will stimulate your imagination and galvanize your desire to live in a better world.

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Dr. Jim Conroy Talks about the EcoPeace Treaty with the Deer

Dr. Jim’s work is developing.  He is interacting with other Nature Beings besides trees and plants.  His recent innovations, Cooperative BioBalance and EcoPeace Treaties, allow him to work with insects, disease organisms, and even mammals.  Here, he talks about working with Deer and the demonstration vegetable gardens at an EcoLiteracy Center in New Jersey.