VIDEOs: From Early Spring, Building Abundant Food to Reverse Decline, Selkirk Maple

This Maple tree has had 2 treatments already in 2021... please scroll down to see both videos--newest first.

Selkirk Maple as of March 11, 2021: Building Abundant Food to Reverse Decline

I was able to visit this tree personally on a warm day in March. In this video, I talk about the path to healing so that the tree can build an abundant food supply once it begins to put out leaves. After it builds an abundant food supply, it can drive circulation to clear blockages and move food to the growing points (which are roots and xylem & phloem tubes, and leaf buds) to reverse its decline. Also the food is moved to parts, systems, and functions so they are all healthy and operating in sync.

I was able to merge the energies of other nearby younger trees to give this older tree some youthful energy.

Selkirk Maple As of February 5, 2021:

What's this tree's path to healing? Clearing blockages and increasing circulation for better food distribution... and more... will help this tree reverse decline as spring growth begins.

The healing began in winter. We'll be visiting this tree as it recovers. So there will be more videos to come.