Video: BREAKTHROUGH: Relationship with WATER ELEMENT in Drought Conditions & Cambria, California

Please scroll down for my video about relationship with the Element of Water, for Basia's short video about what's possible in Cambria, and for the simple, easy DEAL WITH DROUGHT Whispers you can do.

We were invited to Cambria, California. We went there to address the health of the magnificent Monterey Pines and other trees that Cambria is known for.

We left with breakthroughs in three areas:

  1. For TREES: Improving the health of the trees in the face of the expanding drought conditions. Giving them a path to healing through a connection with the ELEMENT of WATER. Also understanding the special collaborative relationship trees have with the ELEMENT of WATER.
  2. For the ELEMENT of WATER: A chance to teach us about itself as a consciousness. WATER needs to be understood.
  3. For HUMANITY: An expansion of consciousness so that we as individual humans and as humanity as a whole can begin to change our relationship to Water away from the simple need for it toward an appreciation and deep understanding of the ELEMENT of WATER as a consciousness. We can go toward changes in thinking and behavior that are based on the good of the whole--all living beings including people.

The people of Cambria with whom we talked wanted to feel confidence about the health of their trees and to feel empowered. It's easy to feel helpless, hopeless, and small when faced with something as enormous as drought and all of its potential threats. But we offered something practical that anyone can easily do right in their own back yards: Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers®. The people were eager to help their trees and empower themselves.

Please use the Deal with Drought Whispers below these videos....

What Possible for the People of Cambria in Drought