VIDEO: BREAKTHROUGH - Nature Optimizing after Fire

I had a breakthrough after doing my healing treatments for the Camp and Carr Fires in California in July of 2019.

My realization was that Nature had an opportunity to "start fresh" after a fire. In other words, both existing and new species could regrow in an optimized and reconfigured way so that they would be stronger and could withstand the extremes of climate change. This would allow for the possibility of new species to come in, and that would expand diversity in the forest.

So Nature has a chance to come back the way She wants to, while people are busy taking care of their own problems and ignoring Her.

Please scroll down to see more images that illuminate what I say in this video....

These photos were taken in the CAMP Fire area, near or in Paradise, California.

These photos were taken in the CARR Fire area, near Redding, California.