VIDEO: Breakthrough: EcoPeace Treaty between a Beech tree and new disease organism

In Westchester, New York, just north of New York City, and in Connecticut, a new organism has arisen that hurts Beech trees. Not much is known about it yet except that it is a nematode. That means it's a microscopic worm that gets into the leaf-buds and destroys them.

I strongly suspect that this wonderful, big old Beech tree has been in a decline cycle partly because of that new problem.

University researchers are just starting to study the nematode.

I am hopeful that my EcoPeace Treaty approach along with my healing methods to help the tree become more healthy in general and will be able to turn the tree around into growth again. I believe that my systems offer this tree a path to healing.

In this video, I talk a lot about how the EcoPeace Treaty is done in a "Dimensional" space. In order to understand more about dimensionality as I do it in my work, please go to these posts:

Also, I've included a diagram that we use in our Green Centrics workshops that might help to give you a sense of what I am talking about with dimensionality. Please scroll down for that diagram.