VIDEO Breakthrough: Doing EcoPeace Treaties in Consciousness

Breakthroughs. See 2 videos below...

I've been doing EcoPeace Treaties since before we were calling them "co-existence technologies." That would be in about 2005 or so. And we've written 2 books about EcoPeace Treaties.

And then, the work evolved. Today, I made the leap into working directly with the consciousness of all of the living Beings involved in a new way. I ask them different questions than before.

I always "talk" though my inner hearing and intuition with trees, plants, insects, disease organisms, and various members of ecosystems. This conversation happens in a "place" of consciousness.

But in this case with this tree, I felt more of an engagement with the organisms that were part of this EcoPeace Treaty, and that taught me something.

After all of the years of development of that method, I learned that I could do an EcoPeace Treaty more actively with the consciousness of each of the ecosystem members.