Breakthrough: Meeting the Universe One on One

I made a video back in July, 2020. That was a new beginning for the work I have been developing since 2014: my Dimensional Lightwork. This new beginning is expanded out to universal proportions.

The video includes a deep look at dimensionality and spiraling. Of course, it was prompted by one of my favorite trees, the Tarrytown Beech. But, the insights went far beyond just that tree.

One of the things I talk about is Dimensional Sharing of Resources.

Here's a screenshot off of the video... but I just can't post the video. It's kinda far-out.

But if you are willing to have an open mind... if you can think dimensionally, if you can allow for the unexpected...

... then contact me... and I'll share it with you. Whisperer (at) TheTreeWhisperer (dot) com.