All about Dimensional Lightwork, or at least what we can try to explain

How did Dimensional Lightwork start?

To make a long story short, I almost died. When I awoke in the morning from a sudden kidney collapse the night before, my spiritual guides, protectors, and masters told me through my intuitive listening that this was just the beginning. I had to find that diagram I drew about a year before and begin working with it.  And I did.  

That was the beginning of Dimensional Lightwork.

Goal Seeking with Dimensional Lightwork

One viable solution to environmental stressors is to energetically reconnect trees, plants, and all ecosystem members into community. 

I talk about doing my bioenergy-based work at length in my various books which you can find at the Store:

The book, Live and Let Live–Enlightened Stewardship, also provides a description of Dr. Jim's 11-Dimension Model which is helpful in understanding how I work with the many dimensions beyond the familiar reality of THE PHYSICAL.

This work is based on

  • making an intuitive and bioenergy overlap of consciousness with living Beings,
  • receiving their messages about their specific ailments or stressors,
  • and receiving instruction from the wisdom of Nature.

Briefly, my recent work involves seeking the goals which every living being contains within its species-intelligence or consciousness.  

Yes, trees have goals, but not in the way people do. People aspire to reach something and have a lot of thoughts about whether they can or cannot do that. Trees and plants have an ideal design. That serves as a pattern for them to grow towards. They don't "worry" about whether or not they can make it.

Part of Dimensional Lightwork is to "get in touch" with the tree's goals in order to use the advanced methods of LIGHT to help it grow towards its goals.

My newest developments are not yet published and have to do with the interaction of LIGHT as not only a particle (quantum) and wave-form physical reality but also as a consciousness and a dimensional reality.

Why do I do this?

The ultimate reason is for trees and all of Nature’s beings—including people—to thrive and grow.