How did he become The Tree Whisperer?

Dr. Conroy followed a childhood love of plants all the way through a B.S. in Horticulture from Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania to his Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Purdue University in Indiana During his 25+ years in Fortune 100 corporations, he promoted tree and plant health in both research and marketing.

Dr Jim in a Soy Field“During my years with an agricultural chemical company, I would walk through fields of crops or forests and I knew that we in science and marketing were missing something.  We knew that when plants and trees were stressed their normal, inner flow of functions and processes were compromised.

“But, with our existing tools and products, we couldn’t do anything to repair the inner processes of plants.  We could only apply external products on the symptoms-kill the pests or throw fertilizer around. We could not heal these plants that were so important to growers, gardeners, consumers and homeowners alike.

“All anyone could do was watch and hope that the trees and plants would ‘grow through’ their weaknesses.”OutsideTheBox

Dr. Conroy realized that he had to think “outside the box” if trees and plants were going to be healed rather than just applying treatments to them.

He attended an introductory talk by the founder of an holistic, alternative health system for humans: the BodyTalk System Dr. Jim knew that he had found his out-of-the-box solution to healing rather than just applying products to trees and plants.

“I knew that tree and plants are alive–living beings just different from us humans and other mammals.  Could the same ideas and techniques that are proven to work in human healing work with trees and plants?  I set out to find out.”

“I studied the human healing system and found that it was an excellent protocol for achieving results…but that it could not be applied directly to trees and plants.  Humans and plants may both be alive but are so different. In the process, however, I realized–really, finally admitted–that I have strong intuitive and perceptive skills.”

With this combination of perceptive skills, his strong scientific background and his willingness to be open-minded and think out-of-the-box, Dr. Conroy started to develop his holistic system for healing trees and plants:  Tree Whispering® and CooperativeBioBalance®.