This is Honeymoon Island Beach State Park several months after Hurricane Irma. Looks nice?
Massive Erosion.
Some trees were lost
These trees are highly stressed.
These trees are highly stressed.
Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, is providing bioenergy treatment to the trees on the beach, with his back to the gulf.

#Help4Trees After Hurricane Irma: Restoring Community

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This beach gets a lot of people visiting.  It’s a high stress, heavy interference area.

Since trees operate best by sharing information through their bioenergy fields–like singing to each other–they need to be living in a community. But when highly stressed, they loose connection to the community or the whole community falls apart.

One of the things that Tree Whispering®, BioBalancing®, and Dr. Jim’s special Dimensional Lightwork™ approach can do is rejuvenate trees’ bioenergy fields and help them to re-create their communities.

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