CLICK TO SEE SLIDE SHOW. The Catalpa tree at bioenergy treatment time, June 1, 2014. It leafed out late and looks thin.
Just 19 days later, the Catalpa is fully leafed out and appears very healthy.
IMG_2625 061914 Omega Catalpa
In autumn of 2014, the Catalpa still looks very healthy. It had a good growth season and stored food for the winter.

2014-Important, Historic Tree Makes a Turn-Around

Omega Institute’s signature Catalpa tree, which grows in front of the dining hall, suffered a very cold winter.  It went into a decline cycle but its health was turned around through the use of Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance bioenergy-based processes.

Dr. Jim Conroy shares: “This tree was in a downward spiral of decline.  I could only feel the tree’s Life Force weakly–even tho it had leaves.  Then as the treatment was progressing with the students of the workshop, I felt something that I have only felt a few times before.

“The tree’s Life Force made a turn upward.  In my inner intuitive hearing, I could make out the tree tell me that it wanted to live and was willing to use all of its remaining resources to give it a try.  It said that it would put out all the leaves it could so that it would have a chance to make more food for itself and to recover from the cold winter.

“This is a bit unusual, but in 19 days, the tree was fully leafed out. On my testing scale, it showed to be much, much healthier than it had been at the time the workshop participants and I did the healing treatment.”

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