PLEASE CLICK TO SEE THE SLIDE SHOW.... EcoPeace Treaty with the innate intelligence within the Deer Spirit.
P1240811 deer antlers
As of July, 2014, Hosta area shows no deer activity. Note the marker-flags that the deer and the people AGREE in the EcoPeace Treaty are simply "avoidance markers."
IMG_2754 hosta
Dr. Jim Conroy inspecting the fruit orchard in August...
...and finding lots of ripe pears. No deer activity here.
Vegetables on their way to ripening in August. No deer activity here.
October 10, 2014. Dr. Jim finds ripe vegetables....
P1000682 deer activity here.
The same Hosta on October 10, 2014. No deer activity here.
P1000633 Hosta

2014 Working with the Deer

Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®, is whispering to more ecosystem members than just trees.  In 2013 he started a research project with deer and demonstration gardens.  The idea behind his work it live-and-let-live.  An EcoPeace Treaty is a mutual agreement among ecosystem organisms and people.

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