Brief Description of Dr. Jim Conroy, The Tree Whisperer®’s Services

Dr. Jim Conroy’s proprietary systems––Tree Whispering®, Cooperative BioBalance®, Green Centrics System, Co-Existence Technologies®, and EcoPeace Treaties –– are holistic, bioenergy healing, no-product, ecogreen, sustainable approaches that save trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystem that are stressed or in decline.  His methods were inspired by hands-on bioenergy healing methods for people such as Reiki and Touch for Health®.  Those complementary health methods for human healing are now widely used in hospitals.

As a PhD Plant Pathologist, Dr. Jim created his bioenergy healing methods specifically for trees, plants, forests, crops, and ecosystems.  Please check the relevant sciences.

In a healing session with trees, plants, or ecosystems, Dr. Jim initially evaluates internal functionality by personally interfacing with the bio-energy of a specific plant and consciously interacting with its parts and functions.  This is NOT a visual or mechanical diagnosis.  There are no products or conventional techniques involved.  As a part of the same process, he accomplishes a re-connection and rejuvenation of those failing internal parts and systems so that the tree, plant, or ecosystem can regain inner health and actively grow again.

Bedroom-LampThis healing process can be likened to putting an electrical plug into a wall socket––you can’t see the electricity flowing, but the light goes on. Similarly, in a plant or other living system, you can’t see the energy re-connection occur, but the living Being regains its health and produces new growth.  Since Dr. Jim is working with the Life Force or Growth Energy of the tree, plant, or ecosystem, the realignment, rejuvenation, and restoration of internal functionality occurs in the whole living system at the bio-energy level as well as at cellular levels. Dynamic balance is reestablished between all the interacting parts and interdependent systems by treating the tree, plant, or ecosystem as a whole, living system.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the anticipated and agreed-upon work within one year, Dr. Jim will refund your payment in full.

What to expect from Dr. Jim…

  • Professionalism. Courtesy. He will make an appointment and call first.
  • He will explain what he is doing and show pictures and diagrams to you.
  • He provides the most effective “state of the art” bioenergy treatment possible for your trees, other plants, or ecosystem. He is always making advances to his work.
  • Photos are a crucial aspect of monitoring progress, so he will take lots of pictures.
  • You will receive a follow-up form that tells you what practical things you can do to observe and enhance the health of your trees or other plants.
  • You can always call with questions and concerns, even long after the tree was treated.

What Dr. Jim will ask of you…

  • Open-mindedness.
  • Being on time for the appointment.
  • Prompt payment.
  • Patience with your trees, plants, or ecosystem.
  • An agreement to follow-up with the practical advice and forms he provides to you so that you can maximize the chances for your tree, plant, or ecosystem to return to full, robust health.
  • A call directly to him––if you are not satisfied––so that he can address the situation.
  • If you as satisfied, refer his work to friends or neighbors.
  • Also, if you are happy, Dr. Jim may ask you to provide a testimonial or may ask you for permission to use pictures in his presentations or classes. Feel free to e-mail your testimonial at Whisperer @ (remove the spaces.)

Please Attend an Introduction

You are invited to attend Tree Whispering® and/or Cooperative BioBalance® introductions in order to see photos of results and understand the conceptual foundations, sciences, and global implications of this work. You may find our upcoming events at our sister website in the Calendar.  A company or other organization may request a private introduction.


For more information about Dr. Jim’s services on your property or land, please go to the Professional Services section of our sister website   To return to The Tree Whisperer website, just click on its link at the top of every page.